Safety with Highest Quality

For you and us, safety takes top priority when it concerns the protection of a person's life, the lifting of heavy loads or the transport of goods. We can offer you professional and fully developed solutions for safe lifting, material handling and fall prevention through high-quality products and services.

Simply regard SpanSet as your partner for a comfortingly high degree of security.

In addition, we can help you with a comprehensive range of forms of training that increase the amount of safety for people or materials and can cut your operating costs. We can convey our current know-how with regard to your safety through our qualified instructors in the variousheight safety training courses for lifting, loading and working at heights. Of course we can also arrange to do this on site and tailored to your particular requirements, subject to suitability.

SpanSet height safety training and rescue training incorporates working at heights, gotcha fall kits, fall arrest harnesses, load restraint devices and confined space training.